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Government Withdraw the anakkara airport project

Airport Authority of india & governments (Both Central & State) cheating the peoples of Anakkara We need the clarification about the Proposed GREEN FEILD AIRPORT in Anakkara we think the proposal cancelled .1000 Acres of paddy plants cardomom,pepper ,coffe palnted here but there is no security for there crops bcoz the authories never give any clarification about the project.All the authorities cheating the villagers of anakkara .And how the Government settle the people . Please respond againist the iressponsibilty of governments.

Anakkara is most beautiful place
any way anakkara is most sutable for a airport in idukki
Last week there was an exclusive programme in Asianet (or another channel ?), with the caption - "Keralathinu Randu Vimaanathaavalangal Koody".

The proposed Airports at Aranmula & Idukki were also covered in detail.
Interview with the people's rep's of the region was also telecasted. According to Roshy Augusine MLA, the Idukki Airport, once commissioned, will enhance the tourism industry in the District.(As of now, the tourists coming to Idukki via other airports in Kerala have to take the pains of road journey for 4 to 7 hours.) Also there will be tremendous time saving for the tourists.

Hope the airport that would be coming up in the land of Hills & Dams will boost Kerala's economy.

AAI team visits airstrip sites in high ranges
Staff Reporter
Demand for air connectivity rises with tourism making a quantum leap
Two sites in Idukki visited
Airstrips to benefit tourists
KOTTAYAM: With officials from Airports Authority of India (AAI) making their preliminary inspection of the sites for the proposed airstrip in Idukki, the aviation dreams of the high ranges have once again taken wings.
The two-member team from AAI, Pradeep Kandoth, joint general manager (operations), Chennai, and Mathew Varghese from the engineering wing, accompanied by Francis George MP, K.K. Jayachandran and Roshy Augustine (both MLAs) and District Collector Ashok Kumar Singh, examined two spots during their visit.
One site is at Peringkamala near the District Collectorate in Kuilimala and the other at Anakkara in Udumbanchola taluk. Speaking to The Hindu, Mr Singh said only preliminary steps have been initiated and the AAI authorities would now go into the technical details regarding the two areas before giving a final answer on the technical feasibility. The visit was based on a proposal submitted to the AAI by the district authorities. According to Mr Singh, demand for an airstrip was there for long. "With the tourism industry making a quantum leap and with the emergence of Thekkady and Munnar as major tourist destinations, the demand has increased," he said.
Lack of easy accessibility to the high ranges had been a reason for its backwardness. "However, the most important role for the air accessibility would be during natural calamities," he pointed out, and said landslips are one of the major problems faced by the district during the monsoon. Air accessibility would help overcome bottlenecks created by lack of accessibility in such periods. The proposal is for operating 42-seaterATRs. The air strip would need 202 ha (500 acres) of land, considering the scope for future expansion. It would have a 1,500 m-long runway and an apron of 400mx400m area.
Due to the peculiar topography of the High Ranges, special care will have to be taken to ensure open space for the landing and take-off, he said. The AAI authorities have asked for wind data for the past 15 years of the two spots. The maximum temperature experienced at these places also has to be taken into account, Mr Singh said.
Expressing cautious optimism about the project becoming a reality, Mr Singh said that once the AAI gives the green signal, a detailed proposal would have to be submitted to the Government of India. "Issues like the scope of the project or whether it should be in the public sector or in private sector or in the joint sector comes only after we get the go ahead".


manoj mathew said...

its really a good proposal

land in kerala for sale said...

Good one ,early bird to set in the blog.fine and go ahead.But we direly need a next MP who can make it a reality,who got the power at Centre Minisry Like PC Chako or so to fly off.
No plotics in it,pure wish for the best

Joby said...

Pls add ….communities… Idukki Airport in Anakkara,

Joby said...

Green flag for Idukki Airport in Anakkara
Anakkara in Idukki district of Kerala State, the proposed site for new airport. Airport authority of India found that Anakkara is most suitable location for this purpose as 500 to 750 acres of level land is available. If this NRI’s dream project comes, it will help for the development of Central Travancore area. Tourist can make their journey more comfortable and visit and enjoy the natural beauty of places like Munnur, thekkadi vagamon, kumali etc………. The Kerala Associations & other organization to implement the proposed airport project, NRI’s shareholders and State Government joint venture, with the Chief Minister as chairman. Same like Cochin international airport project…

Abraham said...

One of the most beautiful place in
Idukki District is Anakkara.The proposed Airport in Anakkara is going to destroy the serene atmosphere in the place
Does anybody who clamours for the airport look into the following aspects.
1.Do we require another airport within 50 kilometers from Nedumbassery Int'l Airport.Both Thekkady and Munnar is reachable within 3 to 4 hours drive from Nedumbassery Airport.
2.Those who hail the project as
"Development"are the ones who are interested in real estate directly or indirectly.If they are really interested in development,they should have worked for the development of the local people who are dependant on agriculture with small land holdings of 1 to 5-10 acres and cultivate tea,coffee,paddy,pepper,
cardomom etc. which are in doldrums.
3.Does anybody bothers about the local populace who migrated there from Central Travancore 50-60years back and made the place a " spice Center"of today,braving the challenging physical conditions like chilling cold,continuous rains, wild beasts and poisonous snakes and dangerous Malaria.
4. The proposed airport will destroy four-five Churches and schools of various Christian denominations.
5.The argument that vast area of agricultural paddy field is not cultivated for want of water is a plain lie because the area traditionally depends on westeren Monsoon for sowing and transplanting and anybody who has a doubt may please visit the place during September/October.
6.I understand that Airport Authority of India people were brought there during summer when the place is not cultivated, to convince them that the place is not suitable for agriculture.

7.There are so many other genuine reasons why the proposed airport is not at all necessary and that also not at Anakkara.
8.Those who are genuinely interested in real development and help the local populace must opppose these sort of perverted development themes & should join together and oppose the project.


manoj mathew said...


sybin said...

let the project takeoff as fast as possible!!!!!

vince said...

An idea of changing green to grey,,is it needed? i am not opposing,,,,how government can settle those peoples-----still disputes continuing in vypin,smart city area etc.Do you know whats the status of kannur airport?

dince said...

It is said.."ellam plan panni pannannum"..

sajan said...

its a nice project. It will bring overall development in anakkara as well as in idukki district.

stephen said...

hello old days are gone we should think advanced in this modern hectic world i wish a great success to this project

stephen said...

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