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anakkara airport here work out a hidden agenda

(i) Mopa in Goa: Government of India has granted ‘in-principle’ approval of setting up of a Greenfield airport at Mopa in Goa in March, 2000 to the State Government of Goa. While granting the approval, GoI approved that the existing Dabolim Airport should be closed for civilian operations after commissioning of the new airport. However, considering the requirement of the existing airport, GoI has reviewed its decision and allowed continuation of the existing airport at Dabolim for civil operation even after commissioning of the new airport at Mopa. About 1000 acres of land has been acquired.

(ii) Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra: “In-principle” approval for setting up of new Greenfield airport at Navi Mumbai through Public Private Partnership has been granted to the Government of Maharashtra in July 2007. Government of Maharashtra has nominated City & Industries Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited (CIDCO) as nodal agency for development of the project. Technical and Legal Consultant has been appointed by CIDCO. Ministry of Environment & Forest has recently given environmental clearance to the project. 2054 hectare land has been identified for the airport project, out of which 1341 hectare is in the possession of CIDCO.

(iii) Kannur in Kerala: The “in-principle” approval for setting up of new Greenfield airport at Kannur was granted to the Government of Kerala in February, 2008 . Government of Kerala has appointed M/s KINFRA as nodal agency for the construction of the Kannur Airport. On Build Own and Operate (BOO) model. A Company namely Kannur International Airport Pvt. Ltd. (KIAL) has been formed. The quantum of land already acquired is 1277.19 acres.

(iv) Pakyong in Sikkim: The Government has approved the proposal of Airports Authority of India (AAI) for construction of a Greenfield airport at Pakyong in Sikkim at the cost of Rs.309.46 crores by AAI. Master Plan of the airport project has already been finalised and construction work already started.

(v) Sindhudurg in Maharashtra: “In-principle” approval to the Government of Maharashtra for setting up of a Greenfield airport at Sindhudurg was granted in September, 2008. The State Government of Maharashtra has appointed Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) as nodal agency for construction of the airport. 271 hectares of land has been acquired by MIDC. The works pertaining to diversion of telephone, electricity and water supply lines has been completed.

(vi) Gulbarga, Bijapur, Hassan and Shimoga in Karnataka: ‘In-principle’ approval to the Government of Karanataka for setting up of greenfield airports at Gulbarga, Bijapur, Hassan and Shimoga was granted in June, 2008. The present status of works on these airport projects is as under:

(a) Bijapur Airport: The SOP has been finalised. Project Development Agreement between the State Government and M/s MARG Ltd. was entered on 18.01.2010. Out of 728.01 acres of land, required for the project 385.22 acres land has been acquired and handed over to the developer.

(b) Gulbarga Airport: Project Development Agreement (PDA) between State Government and Gulbarga Airport Developers Limited (GADL) was entered on 02.04.2008 and 670 acres of land has been acquired and handed over to GADL during May, 2010. Supplementary PDA and Land Lease Agreement have been signed on 22.05.2010 with GADL. Necessary clearances from Ministry of Environment & Forests have been obtained. The construction work has been started according to Master Plan.

(c) Hassan Airport: Project Development Agreement (PDA) between the State Government and Jupiter Aviation Logistics has been signed on 06.09.2007. Out of 960 acres of land, 536.24 acres of land has been acquired. The developer has obtained the Environment clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests and consent from the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. Master Plan for the project has also been prepared.

(d) Simoga Airport: PDA between State Government and Shimoga Airport Development Limited (SADL) was entered on 02.04.2008. Land to the extent of 662.38 acres has been acquired. Necessary clearances from Ministry of Environment & Forests have been obtained. The work on the project has been started in accordance with the Master Plan.

(vii) Dabra, Gwalior/ Datia in Madhya Pradesh: In December 2008, Government has granted ‘in-principle’ approval for setting up of an exclusive cargo airport at Badon Kalan/Bhaisnari, District- Datia/Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh to M/s Gwalior Agriculture Company Ltd.

(viii) Andal –Faridpur Blocks of Barddhaman District in West Bengal: Government has granted ‘in-principle’ approval for setting up of a domestic greenfield airport at Andal-Faridpur Blocks of Barddhaman district in West Bengal to M/s Bengal Aerotropolis Project Ltd. The master plan of the project has already been finalized and construction work started.

(ix) Paladi-Ramsinghpur tehsil near Jaipur in Rajasthan: Government of India has granted ‘in-principle’ approval for setting up of a domestic greenfield airport at Paladi-Ramsinghpur Tehsil near Jaipur in Rajasthan to M/s Rajasthan Aviation Infrastructure (India) Ltd. The Airport Promoter has partnered with Fraport AG for establishment of the airport as per world class standard. The promoter has informed that they have completed the construction of work for commencement of operation of 2B category aircrats.

(x) Kushinagar International Airport in Uttar Pradesh: Government of India has granted ‘in-principle’ approval to the Government of Uttar Pradesh for setting up of a Greenfield International airport at Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh in September, 2010 . The necessary clearances from Department of Customs, IMD and Ministry of Environment & Forest have been obtained.

(xi) Karaikal Airport in Pudduchery: Government has recently in February, 2011 granted ‘in-principle’ approval for setting up of a Greenfield airport at the site covering areas of Ponbethy, Puthakudy and Varichikudy Revenue Villages of Karaikal region in Puducherry under public use category.

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Government Withdraw the anakkara airport project

Airport Authority of india & governments (Both Central & State) cheating the peoples of Anakkara We need the clarification about the Proposed GREEN FEILD AIRPORT in Anakkara we think the proposal cancelled .1000 Acres of paddy plants cardomom,pepper ,coffe palnted here but there is no security for there crops bcoz the authories never give any clarification about the project.All the authorities cheating the villagers of anakkara .And how the Government settle the people . Please respond againist the iressponsibilty of governments.

Anakkara is most beautiful place
any way anakkara is most sutable for a airport in idukki
Last week there was an exclusive programme in Asianet (or another channel ?), with the caption - "Keralathinu Randu Vimaanathaavalangal Koody".

The proposed Airports at Aranmula & Idukki were also covered in detail.
Interview with the people's rep's of the region was also telecasted. According to Roshy Augusine MLA, the Idukki Airport, once commissioned, will enhance the tourism industry in the District.(As of now, the tourists coming to Idukki via other airports in Kerala have to take the pains of road journey for 4 to 7 hours.) Also there will be tremendous time saving for the tourists.

Hope the airport that would be coming up in the land of Hills & Dams will boost Kerala's economy.

AAI team visits airstrip sites in high ranges
Staff Reporter
Demand for air connectivity rises with tourism making a quantum leap
Two sites in Idukki visited
Airstrips to benefit tourists
KOTTAYAM: With officials from Airports Authority of India (AAI) making their preliminary inspection of the sites for the proposed airstrip in Idukki, the aviation dreams of the high ranges have once again taken wings.
The two-member team from AAI, Pradeep Kandoth, joint general manager (operations), Chennai, and Mathew Varghese from the engineering wing, accompanied by Francis George MP, K.K. Jayachandran and Roshy Augustine (both MLAs) and District Collector Ashok Kumar Singh, examined two spots during their visit.
One site is at Peringkamala near the District Collectorate in Kuilimala and the other at Anakkara in Udumbanchola taluk. Speaking to The Hindu, Mr Singh said only preliminary steps have been initiated and the AAI authorities would now go into the technical details regarding the two areas before giving a final answer on the technical feasibility. The visit was based on a proposal submitted to the AAI by the district authorities. According to Mr Singh, demand for an airstrip was there for long. "With the tourism industry making a quantum leap and with the emergence of Thekkady and Munnar as major tourist destinations, the demand has increased," he said.
Lack of easy accessibility to the high ranges had been a reason for its backwardness. "However, the most important role for the air accessibility would be during natural calamities," he pointed out, and said landslips are one of the major problems faced by the district during the monsoon. Air accessibility would help overcome bottlenecks created by lack of accessibility in such periods. The proposal is for operating 42-seaterATRs. The air strip would need 202 ha (500 acres) of land, considering the scope for future expansion. It would have a 1,500 m-long runway and an apron of 400mx400m area.
Due to the peculiar topography of the High Ranges, special care will have to be taken to ensure open space for the landing and take-off, he said. The AAI authorities have asked for wind data for the past 15 years of the two spots. The maximum temperature experienced at these places also has to be taken into account, Mr Singh said.
Expressing cautious optimism about the project becoming a reality, Mr Singh said that once the AAI gives the green signal, a detailed proposal would have to be submitted to the Government of India. "Issues like the scope of the project or whether it should be in the public sector or in private sector or in the joint sector comes only after we get the go ahead".